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Grown from an intelligent type of moss, Manu Rodríguez transforms, like a Phoenix, to take over the world´s radio waves, broadcasting nothing but the best quality Spanish and International Rock music 24 hours a day, forevermore. While commanding Spanish Rock Shot fort, he writes and run Creative and Therapeutic Writing workshops. You can find more info about this particular individual on

"Todoterreno" y "enganchado" al mundo audiovisual. No hay "gadget" ni "software" que se le resista... Sus otras grandes pasiones son la ciudad donde vive y el equipo de fúbol de sus amores. Igual que el Betis, se considera un "manquepierda" y nunca se rinde ante las dificultades. En "Spanish Rock Shot" es... el "Secretario".

Zen of Production, wandering spirit, restless soul and Observer of the heavens lay forth my conjuring mind. Music isn't a love, it's Life. I best describe myself as the B-side of any great album, without all the polluted noise and artificial flavors inside. I search the hidden, seek out the eternal and when I ask the question, the mic is hot, the room is bright and you´re sitting still hoping with eyes wide shut.

Picture the scene: the wind howls, snow and ice fill the air in a tempestuous torrent. All at once a blindingly bright light streaks out of the roiling sky, with an ear rending squeal, cut short suddenly as the burning object crashes into planet Earth, churning up snow and soil alike as it gouges a […]

Soy Sara Luque Olaya. Periodista radiofónica, comunicadora cultural y viajera. Si sólo pudiese hacer una cosa en la vida tendrían que ser dos: viajar y contarlo. Y siempre con buena música de fondo.

Billy Brown, The Housewives' Favourite on The Moaning Show, and an Acoustic Singer/Songwriter with a fantastic collection of songs about love and life.

Periodista. Amante de la buena música… siempre siguiendo los pasos del rock. No existe el aburrimiento si hay una buena serie de por medio. Hubiera vivido en los 80s y vestido como Cindy Lauper. Leitmotiv: Descubrir el mundo es mi ley de vida. Journalist. Lover of good music… always following the footsteps of rock. There is no boredom if there is a good movie or TV series to watch. I’d have liked to live in the 80s and dress like Cindy Lauper. Leitmotiv: Discovering the world is my way of life.