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Amante del deporte en la máxima extensión de la palabra, y sensibilizado con los llamados deportes alternativos, ha practicado desde Floorball hasta Lacrosse (llegando a ser internacional), pasando también por el Rugby y el Fútbol, deporte sobre el que ha construido su profesión. Su visión del fenómeno social que rodea al mundo del deporte nos […]

Picture the scene: the wind howls, snow and ice fill the air in a tempestuous torrent. All at once a blindingly bright light streaks out of the roiling sky, with an ear rending squeal, cut short suddenly as the burning object crashes into planet Earth, churning up snow and soil alike as it gouges a […]

Grown from an intelligent type of moss, Manu Rodríguez transforms, like a Phoenix, to take over the world´s radio waves, broadcasting nothing but the best quality Spanish and International Rock music 24 hours a day, forevermore. While commanding Spanish Rock Shot fort, he writes and run Creative and Therapeutic Writing workshops. You can find more info about this particular individual on