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Spanish & International Rock Shot

Spanish, Latin and International Rock Music

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The best Spanish, Latin and International Rock Shot by writer and broadcaster Manu Rodríguez.


Escucha. Participa. Haz saber… Cualquier cosa que quieras decir será bien recibida.
Listen. Share. Let them know… We’ll welcome anything you want to share.

Y ya sabes que andamos buscando colaboraciones (monólogos, declaraciones personales -secretas o no- informativos, espacios sorprendentes…). Estamos dispuestos a crear y hacer LA MEJOR RADIO MUSICAL, joven y fresca de internet. En Spanish Rock Shot… disparamos libertad!

You should know that we are always waiting for your collaboration (monologues, sketches, news, personal issues…) We want to do THE BEST MUSIC RADIO STATION, provocative, young, fresh… From Spanish Rock Shot to the world… we shoot freedom!

¿Tienes una banda de rock, pop, soul, salsa, jazz, flamenco…? Ponte en contacto, manda tu demo y hacemos que tu música suene en la SRS.
¿Do you have a rock, pop, soul, salsa, jazz, flamenco… band? Contact us and send us your mp3s.

24 horas ininterrumpidas // 24/7 non stop

Desde las 8 de la mañana hasta las 8 de la mañana del día siguiente.
From Monday to Monday.

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Spanish & International Rock Shot crew

Grown from an intelligent type of moss, Manu Rodríguez transforms, like a Phoenix, to take over the world´s radio waves, broadcasting nothing but the best quality Spanish and International Rock music 24 hours a day, forevermore. While commanding Spanish Rock Shot fort, he writes and run Creative and Therapeutic Writing workshops. You can find more info about this particular individual on