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This is a totally different side of Manu Rodríguez' outlook on life and music.

A LIVE two hour Party from Disco Paradiso in The Island of Minn. With the best soul, funk and disco music. A phenomenally energetic radio show so fresh you can dance and feel young and alive, featuring many guests, characters and phone calls...

The show runs from 11pm to 1am (British time) Monday to Saturday. On Sundays, DJ Manu must rest his funky voice, playing the grooviest highlights from the previous week.

Join us at Disco Paradiso, because sleeping is overrated!


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Soul, Funk & Disco MidNight Show crew

Grown from an intelligent type of moss, Manu Rodríguez transforms, like a Phoenix, to take over the world´s radio waves, broadcasting nothing but the best quality Spanish and International Rock music 24 hours a day, forevermore. While commanding Spanish Rock Shot fort, he writes and run Creative and Therapeutic Writing workshops. You can find more info about this particular individual on